Pilichowski Band

Джаз, Фанк, Jazz Fusion, Fusion, Funk Польща
S Pilichowski Band

Про Pilichowski Band

Pilichowski Band is a Polish band formed by bassist, Wojtek Pilichowski.

Current squad: Wojtek Pilichowski (bass), Artur Twarowski (guitar), Tomasz Mądzielewski (drums), Lena Romul (saxophone, EWI, vocals), Tomasz Świerk (keyboards), Wojtek Olszak (piano). In 2004, the band recorded in Jazzga Club concert, which was released in the form of plates Jazzga-Live. In 2006 the band performed charity gig on Kotana day (concert broadcast by TVP) and in the Music Studio of Program 3 of polish radio.


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