Pierre–Yves Plat

Класична музика, Джаз Франція www.pierreyvesplat.com
S Pierre–Yves Plat


Peirre–Yves Plat  Sonate au clair de lune  Peirre–Yves Plat – Sonate au clair de lune 6:24 60 ×
Pierre–Yves Plat (live)    Pierre–Yves Plat (live) 4:47 35 ×

Про Pierre–Yves Plat

It is a classic, jazz, or is it? Pierre-Yves Plata can not simply classify. Thanks to the extraordinary musical sensitivity and great virtuosity, wonderfully transforms classical melodies. Bach, Chopin, Beethoven and many other composers suddenly as if they belonged to our time and speak to us under the fingers of this young virtuoso, full of courage and characteristic humor. Within a few seconds, can dominate the whole room and the audience is receiving enthusiastic applause. – Translated by Automatic service

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