Luboš Andršt

Lubos Czech Andrst is a versatile guitarist and composer, who draws his inspiration mainly from the blues and jazz. In his work can not find the influences of ethnic music and of course the influence of European classical music tradition.

Lubos was in its infancy, indeed, like many others, to face a dual choice. Either go their own way and remain artistically independent, or choose a less risky and more profitable existence in the safe waters of the local pop music. Fortunately for his listeners chose the first option. While playing rock and jazz music was in the former totalitarian system, not light, stood on this road to walk more than 35 years and remains my ideal of true artistic freedom. During this time, gradually working with the tip of the Czech jazz and rock scene.

His guitar mastery is recorded on 40 albums, where you can find over 80 of his original compositions. Now performs with his Blues Band, a jazz quartet Lubos Andršt Group and also with Michal Prokop in his renewed and Framus Five Unplugged project. It is the author of music publications Jazz Rock Blues music teacher workshops for guitarists and author of the educational program of Czech Television "Guitar Clinic".


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