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Jirka hurych  Hej pane prezidente  Jirka hurych – Hej pane prezidente 3:49 4 ×
Jirka hurych  Ve hvězdách  Jirka hurych – Ve hvězdách 2:59 3 ×
Jirka hurych  Osa  Jirka hurych – Osa 2:51 3 ×
Jirka hurych  čez  Jirka hurych – čez 2:27 2 ×
Jirka hurych  Hrnec na prdel  Jirka hurych – Hrnec na prdel 4:30 2 ×

Про Jirka Hurych

The guitarist and singer of the band Dragon. For this band he writes most of the songs, he has had three full-sized CD-tress. Once started as a folkař in the band Pozdilez. He performs as a singer-songwriter with a fully copyrighted program “from the protestsongu after the ballad”. – Translated by Automatic service


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