If These Trees Could Talk

If These Trees Could Talk as if they represented a summary of post-rock world and become an excellent study material for all curious individuals who would like to know the versatility of this style. Although in the case of this group is a typical purely instrumental work, the mirrors are a whole range of moods and approaches, from densely raging stiffness Isis, conceived through the progressive mood of playfulness and Russian Circles Volta Do Mar to the subtleties of Grails or Mogwai, there will be perhaps moments načichlé infantilitou Sigur Rós.

If These Trees Could Talk use many sound effects, these young men from Ohio can ping gently rumble and power, do not forget the rich guitar sound (three guitars now in the report are not an end in itself) and so we standing in a warm drizzle acoustics can fill sudden outbursts and heavy sound rainstorm.


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