Drama Jacqua

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S Drama Jacqua


Drama Jacqua  Sound of Drama Jacqua  Drama Jacqua – Sound of Drama Jacqua 4:33 109 ×
Drama Jacqua  Zvuky Léta  Drama Jacqua – Zvuky Léta 1:23 98 ×
Drama Jacqua  Live at Freeze Turbulence  Drama Jacqua – Live at Freeze Turbulence 6:40 20 ×

Про Drama Jacqua

Thom Herian, primarily known by his stage name Drama Jacque is inexperienced musician. He was born in Teplice, where he studied at the Conservatory percussion instruments, and after graduation he moved to Prague, where he lives and composes today. Here he thanks his musical talent soon managed to penetrate the mysteries of Czech music scene. He currently works as a drummer various musical projects such as SOIL, Segundo, Sato-San To (with legendary jazz bassist Jaromír Honzák), Feng Jung & Song Trio PUO, Montage (Klara Vytisková), Why Not Patterns, Al-Yaman, and in particular the legendary NOHA (Noise of human art). – Translated by Automatic service


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