Джаз, Доповнена реальність Словенія
S Baraka


Dovč & Krmac & Mureškič (project Baraka)  It Is Your Duty To Be Happy!  Dovč & Krmac & Mureškič (project Baraka) – It Is Your Duty To Be Happy! 11:51 6 ×
Dovč & Krmac & Mureškič (project Baraka)  Don't Forget Where You Come From  Dovč & Krmac & Mureškič (project Baraka) - Don't Forget Where You Come From 7:22 4 ×

Про Baraka

Slovenian accordionist, and multi-instrumentalist skaldatel Janez dovču perform Swami Baraka project, which brings together two other very interesting musicians: renowned tuba player Goran Krmac and percussionist Nino Mureškič, which focuses mainly on the West and the Indian tradition of playing on the frame-drum. Their joint work is very original and combines jazz, folk, African, Indian and Latin American music. – Translated by Automatic service

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