Zuzana Lapčíková quintet

S Zuzana Lapčíková quintet

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Zuzana Lapčíková Quintet Praha 5 – Smíchov, Jazz Dock so 14. 12. 2019 19:00 Zuzana Lapčíková Quintet


Zuzana Lapcikova kvintet  Zakleta dcera  Zuzana Lapcikova kvintet – Zakleta dcera 3:50 76 ×
Zuzana Lapcikova kvintet  Mamko, moja mamko  Zuzana Lapcikova kvintet – Mamko, moja mamko 5:22 85 ×
Zuzana Lapcikova kvintet  13 Marija panna precista  Zuzana Lapcikova kvintet – 13 Marija panna precista – Kriste, synu premily 0:58 74 ×

Info o umelcovi Zuzana Lapčíková quintet

In 2007 the group began touring under the name Susan Lapčíková Quintet, who joined the musicians who have long been successfully moving to jazz venues and are leaders in their generation. Implements quintet repertoire, which is based on inspiration from Moravian folk music, informed by approaches from contemporary music and jazz. Crucial moment of strong individual performances of musicians, but who communicate together beautifully as a whole. Set the quintet is as follows: Susan Lapčíková, Joseph Fečo (bass), Kamil Slezak (drums) and Andrew Krajňák (piano) and Rostislav Fraš (saxophones).

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