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Water Engines and the Monument of Viktor Kaplan

Vstupenky na mieste
Adresa Purkyňova 105, Brno
Vstupné 70–320 Kč

Water is the oldest source of energy (except for man-strength and livestock). It has been extremely important ever since the industry and technology started to develop. Water engines remain an essential part of industry. They are used for energy production in many counties in the world. The initial part of the exhibition documents the construction and use of water-wheels used to drive mills, blowing engines, beater mills and pumps. Water-wheels were gradually replaced by turbines which underwent complex development through the 170 years of their existence. Older construction of turbines is exhibited within models of Pelton‘s, Francis‘s a Kaplan’s turbine that are components of large usually movable machines. The exposition is complemented by explanation of principles, types and usage of water engines, including some common problems such as cavitation, regulation of turbines and their production. One part of this exhibition is devoted to a famous inventor connected to Brno, an Austrian German- Mr. Viktor Kaplan- the professor at the German Technical University in Brno, constructer of the new type water turbine called Kaplan’s turbine.



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