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Vysoké Čelo + Felocai + Janusz Jurga Warszawa, Chmury ne 15. 9. 2019 20:00 Vysoké Čelo + Felocai + Janusz Jurga
Death In Rome + Vysoké Čelo Kraków, Alchemia so 14. 9. 2019 20:00 Death In Rome + Vysoké Čelo
Vysoké Čelo + Janusz Jurga Wrocław, D.K. Luksus pia 25. 1. 2019 19:00 Vysoké Čelo + Janusz Jurga
Trzy szóstki na chłodnej#5: Vysoké Čelo + Lemiszewski/Olter Warszawa, CH25 so 7. 4. 2018 20:30 Trzy szóstki na chłodnej#5: Vysoké Čelo + Lemiszewski/Olter


Vysoké Čelo  Oświetlił Nam Drogę  Vysoké Čelo – Oświetlił Nam Drogę 10:47 24 ×
Vysoké Čelo  Utracony Kurs  Vysoké Čelo – Utracony Kurs 7:21 7 ×
Vysoké Čelo  Lot na Księżyc  Vysoké Čelo – Lot na Księżyc 7:53 1 ×
Vysoké Čelo  Erdő II  Vysoké Čelo – Erdő II 3:40 0 ×
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Info o umelcovi Vysoké Čelo

The music of Vysoké Čelo eludes all classifications; in the creativity of the boys you can hear a lot of ambient, early electronics, but also folk music, and some say that even the soul of BIT Music can be heard here. On the occasion of the release of Leaves on the Moon </ i>, the term “space folk” was coined, which in relation to this album perfectly described the music of VC. Musicians, however, like experiments and non-obvious species tours, that’s why each of their material has a unique and irreplaceable sound. A common sound denominator for all releases is the cosmic vibe that floats above each of their material.


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