VII Tribute to Ronnie James Dio

Miesto U Bazyla
Adresa ul. Norwida 18a, Poznań
Vstup 19:00
Štítky Metal, Heavy Metal
Vstupné PLN 30
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Holy diver. Rainbow in The Dark. Heaven and Hell – these classics are well known among rock and metal audiences. Especially for the voice that sung them – Ronnie James Dio (Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Dio). Sadly this legendary singer passed away in 2010 fighting cancer. Since 2014 the Warsaw band Scream Maker has been organizing tribute shows dedicated to his memory, inviting many guest singers and instrumentalists from Poland and abroad. The show contains an intense 2,5 hour dose of music ranging in style from ballad and blues to hard rock to heavy metal – to reflect the versatility of Dio as an artist.

The team of the RJ Dio Memorial: Scream Maker, Maciej Szulc (Royal Acoustic), Norman Power (Another Pink Floyd)

Vystupujúci umelci

Metal, Heavy Metal


Scream Maker  When Our Fight Is Over  Scream Maker – When Our Fight Is Over 4:56 49 ×
Scream Maker  Hitting The Wall  Scream Maker – Hitting The Wall 5:43 27 ×



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