Petr Nikl

Experimentálny, Alternatíva/Indie Česko
S Petr Nikl

Aktuálne výstavy

Brno, Goose on a String so 2. 11.  19:00 Žlutá tma


Petr Nikl a Lakomé Barky  Čůrám  Petr Nikl a Lakomé Barky – Čůrám 3:35 378 ×
Petr Nikl  Ptáčátko  Petr Nikl – Ptáčátko 5:05 148 ×
3 minuty 3 ... Petr Nikl  Jělěňovití  3 minuty 3 ... Petr Nikl – Jělěňovití 2:48 126 ×

Info o Petr Nikl

Petr Nikl, painter, musician, photographer and theater. Member of art group Tvrdohlaví. In 1995 he was awarded a Henry Chalupecký. Published author of the book of fairy tales, dedicated to artistic and theatrical performances. Works with various theater orchestras and with individuals. I like singing and dancing. A group of miserly Launches won the 2004 Golden Angel in the category of alternative music.


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