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Butzke: Lexer + Bebetta + more Berlin, Ritter Butzke 19. 10. 2019 23:59 Butzke: Lexer + Bebetta + more
Butzke: Lexer + Gabriel Ananda + more Berlin, Ritter Butzke 9. 3. 2019 23:59 Butzke: Lexer + Gabriel Ananda + more


Lexer  @ Parookaville 2017 (DJ Set)  Lexer - @ Parookaville 2017 (DJ Set) 156:45 0 ×
Lexer  Luft Und Liebe  Lexer – Luft Und Liebe 115:32 0 ×
Lexer  Only For You  Lexer – Only For You 129:19 0 ×
Lexer  Olu Olu  Lexer – Olu Olu 15:08 0 ×
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Info o Lexer

Lexer is very much one of the young breed, inhis early twenties, he has not spent the past decade languishing in the house and techno academies having to listen to the nebulous dictates of good taste. His party started relatively recently and he soon realized that it would be a waste to box oneself into a corner. He does his own thing, free of dogma, resistant to stereotyping. He bridges the gap between club and pop, underlining his open-minded, intuitive approach to music, remarkably skilled at such a young age.

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