General Surgery

Metal, Death Metal, Goregrind Švédsko
S General Surgery

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Brno, Melodka so 24. 10.  19:30 General Surgery + Gutalax


General Surgery  Ambulance Chaser  General Surgery – Ambulance Chaser 3:05 2 ×
General Surgery  Capricious Provisional Cadaver Grater  General Surgery – Capricious Provisional Cadaver Grater 1:33 0 ×
General Surgery  Cold Storage Fever  General Surgery – Cold Storage Fever 1:36 0 ×
General Surgery  The League of Extraordinary Grave Robbers  General Surgery – The League of Extraordinary Grave Robbers 2:31 0 ×
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Info o General Surgery

General Surgery is a Swedish goregrind group, known as one of the earliest Carcass clones. Their 1991 debut, Necrology, was released by Relapse Records and would be General Surgery’s only material released until 2001, when the group recorded one track for the Carcass tribute album, Requiems of Revulsion. However, in 2003, General Surgery reformed and released a split album with The County Medical Examiners, and have since released a collection of demos, two split 7"s, a 2005 demo, a split album with Butcher ABC, and two full-length albums.


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