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Goniądz, Plaża miejska w Goniądzu Rock na Bagnie 2022
Praha 1, Rock Café U.K. Subs + support: Nasty Rumours

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Zrušené: Rock na Bagnie X Goniądz, Plaża nad Biebrzą Rock na Bagnie X
UK Subs + Degradace Bratislava – Staré Mesto, Randal Club UK Subs + Degradace
U.K. Subs + Better Way + ďalší České Budějovice 6, Music Bar Velbloud U.K. Subs + Better Way + ďalší
UK Subs + support: Nasty Rumours Praha 1, Rock Café UK Subs + support: Nasty Rumours
U.K. Subs + support: Loaded Berlin, SO36 U.K. Subs + support: Loaded
UK Subs + support: The Fialky Praha 1, Rock Café UK Subs + support: The Fialky


U.K. Subs  Warhead  U.K. Subs – Warhead 3:24 292 ×
U.K. Subs  Tomorrows Girls  U.K. Subs – Tomorrows Girls 2:26 311 ×
U.K. Subs  Creation  U.K. Subs – Creation 2:43 83 ×
U.K. Subs  Stranglehold  U.K. Subs – Stranglehold 2:16 5 ×
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UK Subs continuously move the punk rock scene for almost forty years. At the outset, let frontman Charlie Harper inspired legend briského punk band The Damned and at the end of 1976 he founded the now legendary UK Subs. But first band called The subversives, name later shortened to The Subs and finally just turned to UK SUBS – the first two letters refer to the first single the band Sex Pistols "Anarchy In The UK


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