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Berlin Swamp Fest 2019: Dÿse + Sanitys Dawn + Tomb Mold + more Berlin, Zukunft am Ostkreuz Berlin Swamp Fest 2019: Dÿse + Sanitys Dawn + Tomb Mold + more
Turbine Stollprona + Goshawk + Badmouth Berlin, Zukunft am Ostkreuz Turbine Stollprona + Goshawk + Badmouth
Psy–High 2014 Hořice, Lom U sv. Josefa Psy–High 2014


Turbine Stollprona  Beat Le Ham  Turbine Stollprona - Beat Le Ham 3:00 1 ×
Turbine Stollprona  Jari Verkaaktamäki  Turbine Stollprona - Jari Verkaaktamäki 4:49 1 ×
Turbine Stollprona  Kernel Panic  Turbine Stollprona - Kernel Panic 6:30 1 ×
Turbine Stollprona  Marzahn  Turbine Stollprona - Marzahn 2:48 0 ×

Info o umelcovi Turbine Stollprona

Turbine Stollprona was founded by school friends from the suburbs of East Berlin. They found inspiration and camaraderie attending underground concerts underage around the turn of the millennium. This time witnessed an underground music scene that filled the cultural vacuum in the supposedly reunited capital. The band formed some years later in 2010 and has added a singer, as well as (in the recent spirit of Berlins internationalism), the frequent cameo of a former funeral trumpet player from Sicily, plus a new bassist from Manchester.


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