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Černíkov, Areál Úžlebec Festival Utopije 2022

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TRP  What About My Freedom  TRP – What About My Freedom 6:31 2 ×
TRP  Pano  TRP – Pano 5:39 3 ×
TRP  Things Won't Change  TRP – Things Won't Change 6:24 2 ×
TRP  The Future  TRP – The Future 5:11 1 ×
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Info o umelcovi TRP

TRP had little regard for his surroundings when he unleashed 2016’s Pano EP. A cacophony of heavy beats and scratchy synth work left no one in doubt that TRP doesn’t sit around sipping tea and eating scones. That said TRP’s music should not be confused with your average techno banger. There is a subtly and nuance that on occasion is more house music than it is techno. Take Pano for example, where a thoughtful spoken word sample splits what is otherwise a pounding techno beast. TRP is punishing techno beats and rhythms meld seamlessly with house type chords and pads.

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