Troy Von Balthazar

Experimental, Alternatíva/Indie, Folk, Experimental USA
S Troy Von Balthazar

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Troy Von Balthazar + Kalle Praha 6, Potrvá str 25. 5. 2016 19:30 Troy Von Balthazar + Kalle
Degeneration Next Festival 2013 Brno-střed, Vlněna so 28. 9. 2013 18:00 Degeneration Next Festival 2013
Degeneration Next Festival 2013 Brno-střed, Vlněna so 28. 9. 2013 16:00 Degeneration Next Festival 2013


Troy Von Balthazar  Dogs  Troy Von Balthazar – Dogs 3:25 59 ×
Troy Von Balthazar  Tropical  Troy Von Balthazar – Tropical 4:00 38 ×
Troy Von Balthazar  Tiger Vs. Pigeon  Troy Von Balthazar – Tiger Vs. Pigeon 5:34 5 ×
Troy Von Balthazar  Purple Gold Eye  Troy Von Balthazar – Purple Gold Eye 2:26 5 ×
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Info o umelcovi Troy Von Balthazar

Troy Von Balthazar, an American artist whose music and live performance is the epitome of sincerity, naturalness and playfulness. Music is intrinsically tied to Europe, where he spent six years traveling from place to place, while putting together his album “… is with the deamon”. Prior to this album, which released in 2012, saw the light board Troy Von Balthazar (2007) and How to Live on Nothing (2010). The Czech Republic is quite popular performer and for his solo career with us already had nearly two dozen performances. In Brno played once, in Vegalite in 2009. – Translated by Automatic service


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