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S TreVoci

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TreVoci Poznań, Earth Hall št 5. 3. 2020 19:00 TreVoci
TreVoci Toruń, Dwór Artusa so 6. 1. 2018 18:00 TreVoci

Info o umelcovi TreVoci

TreVoci – new generation artists, full of love for people and the world, in which over all divisions reign music. Three individualities, three different voices and one great friendship. Such a mixture created a charismatic “cocktail mole”, whose greatest asset is the live performance. Each of them has his own career on the opera scene, but they love to sing together. Concert meetings with the audience are a challenge for them, even if the scene is divided into three. And when they are standing side by side, magic happens. The audience in various stages of the world, including in Warsaw (Copernicus CENTER), Chiang Mai (KAD Theater – Thailand), Warsaw (National Philharmonic, Mazovian Music Theater, National Stadium), Gdańsk (Baltic Philharmonic, Baltic Opera), Cracow (Róża Avenue), Czestochowa (Czestochowa Philharmonic) Szczecin (Pomeranian Dukes' Castle) or Przemysl (Zamek Culture Center), Krynica Zdrój.


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