Transitus Irregularis

Klasická, Jazz Česko
S Transitus Irregularis

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Večery ve Šternberském paláci: Transitus Irregularis Praha 2, Šternberský palác str 17. 4. 2019 19:30 Večery ve Šternberském paláci: Transitus Irregularis
United Islands 2013 Praha 6, Ladronka Park 20. 6. – 22. 6. 2013 United Islands 2013


Transitus Irregularis  Dindi  Transitus Irregularis – Dindi 3:20 148 ×
Transitus Irregularis  Road Song  Transitus Irregularis – Road Song 5:31 65 ×
Transitus Irregularis  Mozartkugeln  Transitus Irregularis – Mozartkugeln 4:07 38 ×

Info o umelcovi Transitus Irregularis

Transitus irregularis arose spontaneously and unobtrusively. Four friends got together to try something different taste, inappropriate and perhaps even a novel. Met with the worlds mostly baroque music and jazz, which are related in many ways and speak to each other. They remind interview foreigners and natives, who now and then change roles and directly covet the idea of musical Esperanto.

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