Topography of Terror

Topography of Terror

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The grounds of the “Topography of Terror” (Topographie des Terrors) are located next to the Gropius Bau and not far from Potsdamer Platz. The exhibition stands on the historical site of the main organs of Nazi terror between 1933 and 1945, i.e. the Gestapo (which had its own jail), the SS leadership, the security services of the SS (SD) and the main office of the “Reichssicherheitshauptamt”. This is the place where the persecution and extermination of Nazi political opponents both in Germany and abroad was organised and managed and where the genocide of European Jews and Sinti and Roma was coordinated.

The exhibition contained in the documentation centre opened here in 2010 examines the history of the location as well as the institutions of terror found in the direct vicinity of the Nazi government district and the crimes committed all over Europe. The exhibition is complemented by 15 information stations on the site and a further exhibition that can be seen outside from spring to autumn at the remaining exposed cellar walls along Niederkirchnerstraße.


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