The Young Gods

Adresa ul Skarżyńskiego 1, Kraków
Štítky Elektronika, Rock, Industrial Rock, Electro industrial
Vstupné PLN 70–80
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The Young Gods will play in Krakow’s Kwadrat on the 2nd of April 2019.

The Young Gods are a Swiss industrial rock band from Fribourg. The band’s original lineup consisted of a trio composed by a vocalist, a keyboardist/sampler operator, and a drummer. In 2007, a fourth member joined the band. Their instrumentation often includes sampled electric guitars, drums, keyboards, and other samples. AllMusic refers to them as “electro-noise terrorists.” The lyrics are written in English, French and German.

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Elektronika, Rock, Industrial Rock, Electro industrial


The Young Gods  Skin Flowers  The Young Gods – Skin Flowers 3:48 623 ×
The Young Gods  Acid Strangel  The Young Gods – Acid Strangel 5:27 360 ×
The Young Gods  Gasoline Man  The Young Gods – Gasoline Man 5:37 244 ×
The Young Gods  Charlotte  The Young Gods – Charlotte 3:27 200 ×
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