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Turbo A.C.'s Berlin, Cassiopeia pia 26. 2. 2021 20:00 Turbo A.C.'s
The Turbo A.C.'s Berlin, SO36 št 27. 9. 2018 20:00 The Turbo A.C.'s
The Turbo A.c.'s + Thunderbirds Praha 6, Klub 007 Strahov so 15. 9. 2018 19:00 The Turbo A.c.'s + Thunderbirds
Mighty Sounds 2016 Sezimovo Ústí, Letiště u Čápova dvora 22. 7. – 24. 7. 2016 Mighty Sounds 2016
Mighty Sounds 2014 Sezimovo Ústí, Letiště u Čápova dvora 11. 7. – 13. 7. 2014 Mighty Sounds 2014


The Turbo A.C.'s  Fistful Of Fury  The Turbo A.C.'s - Fistful Of Fury 3:30 18 ×
The Turbo A.C.'s  The Future  The Turbo A.C.'s - The Future 2:59 3 ×
The Turbo A.C.'s  Collision Course  The Turbo A.C.'s - Collision Course 2:14 2 ×
The Turbo A.C.'s  Substance  The Turbo A.C.'s - Substance 2:06 1 ×
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Info o umelcovi The Turbo A.C.'s

Turbo AC’s were created in the early 90’s at the initiative of singer and guitarist Kevin Cole, drummer Kevin Prunta and bassist Michael Dolan. Their punk’n’roll full of adrenaline and love for properly stretched whisky will surely appeal to fans of different musical factions. It’s been seven years since the release of the previous album of the band Kill Everyone. The latest, eighth album of flu Ra-dation was released in June this year by Concrete Jungle label.


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