The Silver Train 2020

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Adresa Zabrzańska, Bytom
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The Silver Train 2018 is a visit to post-mining UNESCO World Heritage Sites, trips by the oldest continuously operating narrow-gauge railway in the world and a walk through the largest narrow-gauge railway station in Poland. To all this, the trains of the Silesian Railways provide access and return to or from either Katowice or Bytom.

It is also possible to start the trip in Bytom, excluding the Katowice-Bytom section.

Silver Train Schedule:

18.11 – 09.12

  • 08:19 DEP. Katowice
  • 08:43 AR. Bytom

  • 09:00 DEP. Bytom Wąskotorowy
  • 09:10 DEP. Bytom Karb Wąskotorowy
  • 09:40 AR. Kopalnia Srebra

  • 10.00 – 13:40 tour of the Silver Mine

  • 14:00 DEP. Kopalnia Srebra
  • 14:45 AR. Bytom Karb Wąskotorowy

  • 14:50 – 15:45 tour of the Station and the Steam Engine Room of Bytom Karb

  • 15:50 DEP. Bytom Karb Wąskotorowy
  • 16:00 AR. Bytom Wąskotorowy

  • 16:28 DEP. Bytom
  • 16:52 AR. Katowice

*In the period 07.10 – 14.10 it runs according to the following hours:

  • 08:18 DEP. Katowice
  • 08:44 AR. Bytom

*The train schedule for this day will be announced in the month of November. The organizer kindly suggests checking the updates on their site or facebook as to avoid any mistakes.



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