The History of Nowa Huta Quarter

The History of Nowa Huta Quarter

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The exhibition of The History of Nowa Huta Quarter shows history of Nowa Huta caught in a picture frame. Nowa Huta leaves nobody indifferent. Many people love it and for an equally big group it is the epitome of all evil. There is even disagreement as to what Nowa Huta in fact is. Today, it is one of Krakow’s districts but at the same time it is so much more. It is actually a city within a city. It is a relic of the communist past, a socialist theme park, and a dynamically growing part of a modern metropolis. Built by communists with the idea of creating a “new man”, it became a symbol of people’s rebellion against socialist authorities, an arena of the locals’ fight for the cross with the militia.


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