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The Dokk Praha 7, Tiskárna na vzduchu št 27. 7. 2017 20:00 The Dokk
The Dokk Praha 1, Rock Café ut 20. 12. 2016 18:00 The Dokk
The Dokk (album release) Praha 10, Café V lese po 19. 12. 2016 20:00 The Dokk (album release)
The Dokk Praha 7, Tiskárna na vzduchu št 21. 7. 2016 20:00 The Dokk
Jananas + The Dokk Praha, Přístav 18600 ut 28. 6. 2016 18:00 Jananas + The Dokk
The Dokk Praha 1, Blues sklep št 24. 3. 2016 21:00 The Dokk

Info o umelcovi The Dokk

The DOKK (Decent Orchestra Charles & Kohlrabi) is a uherskopražská musical group, which dates back to the year 2014, when the signing of the founding Charter as one man stood a pair of Karel Fořt (acoustic bass, vocals) and Thomas Lee M (acoustic guitar, vocals).

The DOKK play their own work, in which the corefolk acoustic base mixes elements of Funk, punk and pop. – Translated by Automatic service


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