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5 lat Projekt LAB Poznań, Projekt LAB pia 20. 4. 2018 23:00 5 lat Projekt LAB
Sympozjum 7.0 Poznań, Projekt LAB 30. 6. – 2. 7. 2017 Sympozjum 7.0
Techniküm pres. Alexey Volkov Poznań, Projekt LAB pia 23. 6. 2017 23:00 Techniküm pres. Alexey Volkov
Tawbaq Poznań, Projekt LAB št 6. 4. 2017 22:00 Tawbaq
Sympozjum 6.0 Poznań, Projekt LAB 5. 1. – 8. 1. 2017 Sympozjum 6.0


Tawbaq  The Depths  Tawbaq – The Depths 7:18 7 ×
Tawbaq  He Really Moved Them Down  Tawbaq – He Really Moved Them Down 7:18 0 ×
Tawbaq  Polar Fields I  Tawbaq – Polar Fields I 7:01 0 ×
Tawbaq  Polar Fields II  Tawbaq – Polar Fields II 7:17 0 ×
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Info o umelcovi Tawbaq

Tawbaq is a young producer and DJ based in Poznan, owner of the Hypnotic Landscapes records, an important part of fast growing current polish techno scene. His dj-sets are always very compact, having a slight trancy structure in a very nice meaning of the word, always getting deeper in a very careful way of choosing the following tracks. After releasing several EPs on his label, he got into the subconsciousness of his colleagues, getting respect for his work. Recently he also released on prospering spanish label Circular ltd.


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