Strand Of Oaks + support: Frankie Lee

Adresa Skalitzer Str. 85-86, Berlin
Vstup 19:00
Štítky Folk, Rock
Vstupné 17–21 €

On Timothy Showalter’s Heal album, the thoughtful, restless folk of his first three albums had given way to increasingly synth- and guitar-heavy sounds. In his subsequent work Hard Love and the “Stepbrother's Album” Harder Love (self-published) in 2018, the musical path led even more in the direction of a dynamic, almost uncompromising new band sound. The music of Strand Of Oaks on these albums seethes and shakes, it is full of life – in all its facets and contradictions.

Now, Tim Showalter, aka Strand Of Oaks, announces his sixth studio album, Eraserland, which has come together with most of the band cast of My Morning Jacket. Each song was recorded live, while all musicians played together in one room, the suggestive power of the music arises from the common spontaneity in the studio.

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Folk, Acoustic, Americana, Folk Rock


Strand of Oaks  Goshen '97  Strand of Oaks – Goshen '97 3:02 49 ×
Strand of Oaks  Shut In  Strand of Oaks – Shut In 4:30 30 ×
Frankie Lee  Where Do We Belong  Frankie Lee – Where Do We Belong 3:37 1 ×
Frankie Lee  Downtown Lights  Frankie Lee – Downtown Lights 4:46 1 ×



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