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Sound Zone

Adresa ul. Solec 24, Warszawa
Štítky História, Ostatné
Vstupné PLN 0–5

The “Sound zone” is the first part of the permanent exhibition opened in September 2016 in the new edifice of the Asia and Pacific Museum. The exhibition presents approximately 120 musical instruments originating from various cultural milieux and countries. It includes both simple instruments played by amateurs as well as real masterpieces used by professional musicians at royal courts. The cultural context and functions are illustrated with the help of various multimedia providing the opportunity to learn about the traditional role of an instrument as well as some more contemporary changes in the sphere of music influenced by the intermingling of different cultures

The visitor has the possibility not only to admire some beautiful objects from this collection but also enjoy the sounds of selected instruments, watch movies presenting techniques of how to play them and learn from the contemporary and historical photo documentation of musical traditions. For people wanting to check their musical skills, it is possible to try out a few traditional instruments.



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