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From the same Himalayan headwaters that feed the sacred Ganges, Shyam Snad Anand has drawn tireless and pure inspiration for a music career spanning three continents in addition to the millions of hearts and minds who find warmth as they swaddle themselves in his forward-thinking musical tapestry. If Snad’s music is akin to a fine quilt or garment, it was delicately woven with years of real-world experience in Chicago, Goa, and Berlin. Moreover, his ever-evolving connections to the Goa Underground make Snad a key player among the most enlightened circles who still travel the Silk Roads and who take their underground seriously — wherever they call home. 2016 marks the launch of his collaborative vinyl project Gandu Records with Goa Underground Tribe leader Ignatius Camilo (Iggy the Bastard).

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