Simone Reifegerste

Jazz | Reifegerste Simone was born in Berlin-Neukölln. Before she started talking, running or even thinking, she began to sing. A group of "Be Mine Or Run" concert tour to enthusiastic audiences throughout Germany. In 1997 this group was honored with the German record critics prize (Deutsche Schallplattenkritik) for the album "Beautiful People". Simone Reifegerste lives not only for music but also for life on stage. When you're standing on stage and sing, it can be found in her study Backyard Princess Studio, where he is working on new productions. With Joe Kucera founded the group "Reifegerste Trio". This trio performs soul, jazz and blues classics powerful and sensitive manner. Simone Reifegerste group supports his exceptional voice. Joe Kucera and his sensitive sense of flute and saxophone, and Chris with his multifaceted piano style. Taken together, all together in an unforgettable blend of music.

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