Silesian Art 16th - 19th C.

Plac Powstańców Warszawy 5, Vroclav
10–15 PLN

The exhibition presents a precious collection of works of Silesian art from sixteenth to nineteenth century, i.e. sculpture, painting, decorative arts and printmaking. It spans a history of Silesian art from Renaissance to the beginnings of Modernism including, among other things, paintings and sculptures from epitaphs (for instanceEzechiel’s Vision, 1565, by Tobias Fendt, a painting from the epitaph of Magdalen Mettel; the epitaph of Johann Hess, a pioneer of Silesian Reformation, d. 1547; figures from the tomb of the Rechenberg family in Kliczków, ca 1600), a portrait of Schaffgotsch family (1575), the pictureBaptism of Christby Bartholomaeus Spranger and paintings by a master of Silesian Baroque, Michael Willmann. There are also Baroque sculptures by Georg Schrötter, Matthias Steinl, Michael Ignatius Klahr the Older and Johann Georg Urbański (monumental figures of the organ prospectus from St Mary Magdalen’s Church in Wrocław), by Thomas Weissfeld (figures of saints from an altarpiece originally in the collegiate Holy Cross’ Church in Wrocław), by Anthon Jörg and Franz Joseph Mangold.

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