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Satanakozel  Pivovar  Satanakozel – Pivovar 4:28 10 ×
Сатанакозёл (satanakozel)  Враг (enemy)  Сатанакозёл (satanakozel) – Враг (enemy) 4:48 0 ×
Satanakozel / Сатанакозёл  Storm / Шторм  Satanakozel / Сатанакозёл – Storm / Шторм 6:12 1 ×
Satanakozel  Солнце Мёртвых  Satanakozel – Солнце Мёртвых 6:56 1 ×
Satanakozel  Wolf's Trail  Satanakozel – Wolf's Trail 4:27 0 ×

Info o umelcovi Satana Kozel

The band “SatanaKozel” was founded in 2003 by Vasiliy Kozlov and Nickolay Kuskov. Soon the band grew up and started to rehearse. During the next 5 years the band had been taking part in some gigs and making few demos, which didn’t have wide distribution. The band had changed its members several times during all this time. SatanaKozel started to record their 1st full-length album in march of 2007, which is called “Rogatiya”. It consists of songs that were made in the very beginning of the band’s existing. “Rogatiya” was released by the independent finnish label Varjot Productions in summer of 2008, russian digi-pack version was released by SoundAge Productions. The band SatanaKozel will never collaborate with any political movements or parties ’cause our creativity is aimed to glorification of the Nature and propaganda of Fun! The second album “Sun Dead” released 30 november 2010.


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