Sakra Buraja

Augmented reality, Jazz Taliansko, Kolumbia, Česko
S Sakra Buraja

Uplynulé koncerty

Sakra Buraja Praha 3 , Atrium na Žižkově pia 26. 10. 2018 19:30 Sakra Buraja
Sakra Buraja Praha 2, (A)void Floating Gallery pia 14. 9. 2018 20:00 Sakra Buraja
Sakra Bujara Praha 8, Bar/ák pia 29. 6. 2018 19:30 Sakra Bujara
Sakra Buraja + Lada Praha 6, Kaštan pia 25. 5. 2018 20:00 Sakra Buraja + Lada
Sakra Buraja Praha 2, (A)void Floating Gallery pia 9. 2. 2018 19:30 Sakra Buraja
Letňák 2017: Sakra Buraja Praha 1, Strelecky Island po 5. 6. 2017 18:00 Letňák 2017: Sakra Buraja


Sakra Buraja  Girasol (live)  Sakra Buraja – Girasol (live) 10:00 147 ×

Info o umelcovi Sakra Buraja

Sakra Buraja is an international project set up to explore and extend the musical tradition of Central and Eastern Europe through fusion with jazz and other wold music tendencies, using composition, savage energy and improvisation. It is a project where the instruments are not always necessarily in tune but where the energy deforms reality in a show that doesn’t allow the audience to stay apart, show that gets people involved, dance and enjoy the sound, sometimes familiar and dreamlike and yet unheard and surprising.


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