Rob Coffinshaker's Underground Fire + Them Pulp Criminals

Adresa ul. 11 listopada 22, Warszawa
Štítky Rock, Country, Folk, Psychobilly, Dark, Gothic Country
Vstupné PLN 50

RCUF is a swedish rock band formed in 2015 in Karlstad by Rob Coffinshaker (also The Coffinshakers, Gehennah, Timothy Griffith’s Psychedelic Sunrise). RCUF play dark rock with influences from punk, gothic rock, power pop and classic rock. RCUFs music has been described as "jet black gothic rock’n’roll that married fateful alternative country and has been soaked in kerosene."

Them Pulp Criminals, a gentlemen’s agreement between singer-lyricist Tymoteusz Jędrzejczyk and musician-songwriter Igor Herzyk, drawing inspiration from dark and urban aspect of contemporary folklore, loner lifestyle and generally defiant stance towards times and circumstances, will also play this evening.

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Rock, Country, Psychobilly, Gothic Country


Rob Coffinshaker's Underground Fire  End of the Night  Rob Coffinshaker's Underground Fire – End of the Night 5:11 30 ×
Rob Coffinshaker's Underground Fire  Underground Fire  Rob Coffinshaker's Underground Fire – Underground Fire 3:14 11 ×
Them Pulp Criminals  Jack Torrance  Them Pulp Criminals – Jack Torrance 4:41 38 ×
Them Pulp Criminals  The 130  Them Pulp Criminals – The 130 2:24 18 ×



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