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Performance for children from 1 to 4 years old. Is a garden hose a poisonous creature? Is the usual watering can Piggy Krystynka? Is daisy sprouting from the bean? Is every glove a polyglot? In a crazy garden everything is possible because the crazy garden is a bit magical – some pranks and pranks, rakes, flowerpots, baskets, shoulders, diggers, and soupers, as well as boxes and coasters, hoses, leaves and suction cups, bulbs, pansies, hoes flowers. Everything here is a bit confused and everything is tangled up, but in this chaos and turmoil, stories are happening.


Ogrodowy Zawrót Głowy  Spektakl Teatru Małego Widza  Ogrodowy Zawrót Głowy – Spektakl Teatru Małego Widza 1:32 0 ×



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