Kot w butach

Adresa ul. Litewska 3, Warszawa
Vstupné PLN 45
Web miesta www.teatrsyrena.pl
Dĺžka 120 min
Réžia Jacek Bończyk
Premiéra 2010
Autor Charles Perrault

The youngest of three miller brothers receives only a cat inheritance from his father. The boy and the friendly animal quickly become friends, and the attempt of their brotherhood is a journey together full of adventures, thrilling music, and dancing. On the way, they meet many colorful characters that teach the young miller diligence and self-confidence. When it turns out that the boy’s greatest dream is to get to know the real princess, the cat decides to help her fate a bit. Can every dream be fulfilled? It is not a good plan, but nothing is impossible for the Cat in Boots. The performance is adapted for the hearing impaired and the blind.


Warszawa, Syrena Theatre ut 12. 11.  11:00 Kot w butach



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