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Berlin Wrocław Ekspres: Kalipo + Piotr Bejnar + more Wrocław, Transformator so 29. 2. 2020 23:00 Berlin Wrocław Ekspres: Kalipo + Piotr Bejnar + more
Luzztro Sweet 16: Truant + Piotr Bejnar + more Warszawa, Luzztro pia 8. 11. 2019 23:00 Luzztro Sweet 16: Truant + Piotr Bejnar + more
Piotr Bejnar Wrocław, Wyspa Tamka pia 23. 8. 2019 22:00 Piotr Bejnar
Otake cyrki walczyłem: Rati + Dott + Piotr Bejnar Warszawa, Wata Cukrowa pia 9. 8. 2019 22:00 Otake cyrki walczyłem: Rati + Dott + Piotr Bejnar
Wisłoujście 2019 Gdańsk, Twierdza Wisłoujście 9. 8. – 10. 8. 2019 Wisłoujście 2019
LAS Festival 2019 Paczyn, Paczyn 27. 6. – 30. 6. 2019 LAS Festival 2019


Piotr Bejnar  She's Crazy  Piotr Bejnar – She's Crazy 5:49 44 ×
Piotr Bejnar  Pijany Mistrz  Piotr Bejnar – Pijany Mistrz 6:55 9 ×
Piotr Bejnar  Buja Beja  Piotr Bejnar – Buja Beja 6:37 5 ×
Piotr Bejnar  When you Think you Sleep  Piotr Bejnar - When you Think you Sleep 2:49 4 ×
Piotr Bejnar  Rainbow Pills  Piotr Bejnar - Rainbow Pills 7:59 4 ×

Info o umelcovi Piotr Bejnar

Producer, DJ and live performer. Since he was a 16 year old youngster his interests crossed the not so usual field of the mathematical arrangement of phrases and bars in musical compositions. As a live performer he experiments with various novice live performance techniques, presenting a generous spectrum of sounds. Piotr doesn’t allow the current trends, likes and dislikes to influence him, but is rather drawn to specific ‘sonic gems’ from various styles of electronic music. His varied musical taste has led him to take part in many cultural events, not necessarily dance related. Piotr Bejnar’s performances are unlike the live acts associated with performing from a laptop… in fact they’re very different. It is a live improvisation to which Bejnar invites the audience, which quite literally generates the sounds together with him.


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