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Letnie Brzmienia: Paweł Domagała Warszawa, Błonia PGE Narodowego Letnie Brzmienia: Paweł Domagała
Białystok New Pop Festival 2021 Białystok, Branicki Palace Białystok New Pop Festival 2021
Paweł Domagała Warszawa, Palladium Paweł Domagała
Paweł Domagała Warszawa, Palladium Paweł Domagała
Paweł Domagała Warszawa, Palladium Paweł Domagała
Paweł Domagała Warszawa, Palladium Paweł Domagała


Paweł Domagała  Popatrz na Mnie  Paweł Domagała – Popatrz na Mnie 4:20 17 ×
Paweł Domagała  Weź nie pytaj  Paweł Domagała – Weź nie pytaj 4:24 130 ×
Paweł Domagała  Wracaj  Paweł Domagała – Wracaj 3:49 8 ×
Paweł Domagała  Wystarczę ja  Paweł Domagała – Wystarczę ja 3:31 91 ×
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Info o umelcovi Paweł Domagała

Paweł Domagała is one of the most recognized actors of the young generation. His body of work encompasses many theatre, serial, and film roles. Not everyone knows, however, that Paweł's second greatest passion, apart from acting, is music. He has been writing and performing his songs for many years, fulfilling himself artistically in this field as well. In autumn 2016, Paweł Domagała released his long-awaited debut album, entitled “The Bridgestone of the Years”. I’ll tell you about me. The album reached the hearts of a wide audience, achieving the status of the Golden Plate. Concerts promoting the album, which Paweł has already played several dozen times since its premiere, were also very popular. Tickets were usually sold out many days before the event. Encouraged by the success of his first album, Paweł enthusiastically started working on his next album. The new release will be released on 16th November and will be titled: 1984. There will be 12 premiere songs on the album, the album promotes the song Road Don’t Ask. On the day of the album’s premiere, a concert tour 1984 TOUR will start, promoting this release

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