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On the Move Gallery

Adresa Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20, Warszawa
Štítky exhibition_science
Vstupné PLN 7–27
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The gallery proudly presents 80 interactive exhibits. The gallery provides more opportunities for visitors to conduct hands-on experiments and draw their own conclusions – perhaps even discovering more than the designers ever anticipated. At the same time, they feature an enchanting sort of precision. The exhibition characterizes by the minimum usage of multimedia, since it feels that constant exposure to electronic stimuli is causing people to start to suffer from a lack of real experiences. It’s rare that we stop to admire the beauty of nature and ponder the workings of natural phenomena. This space is created in order to make discoveries. The exhibits speak for themselves; they allow visitors to search, scrutinize, sometimes make mistakes – and genuinely experience the principles of the natural world.



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