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Famufest 2014 – Zprava Zleva: Beaty Zprava Beaty Zleva Praha 1, House at the Minute št 27. 11. 2014 Famufest 2014 – Zprava Zleva: Beaty Zprava Beaty Zleva
Dead Head: Ohmikron + Pluge + Deep Paranoya Praha 10, Café V lese so 14. 9. 2013 21:00 Dead Head: Ohmikron + Pluge + Deep Paranoya


Ohmikron  Smiling Crying  Ohmikron – Smiling Crying 12:03 18 ×
Ohmikron  Familiar Moodz  Ohmikron – Familiar Moodz 9:36 9 ×
Ohmikron  No Name 003  Ohmikron – No Name 003 10:47 5 ×

Info o umelcovi Ohmikron

Ohmikron today one of the leading figures of the Hungarian underground-techno scene. His tracks are based on the label Evasion records, and more recently his name appeared on a compilation of the Czech label Axaminer records. The first vinyl bought at the end of the last century, but musically matured later. His heart now belongs dub techno. It should be noted that Ohmikron the beginning of his musical career was hosted music show Radio Tilos. During this activity began to collect various musical instruments, which were later used during live performances. An important milestone is meeting with krisz Deak. In 2005, together constitute the formation Hardtek production and experiment with sound. They then creation could be included in the mold of classic techno. Deepové melody in the rhythm of dub techno to their songs begin to creep up over time. In fact, in the form as we know it today.

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