Not Quite Cosher: The Glamorous Purim Party

Adresa Revaler Strasse 99, Berlin
Štítky Show
Vstupné 8–10 €

Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, who was planning to kill all the Jews. This took place in the ancient Achaemenid Persian Empire. The story is recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther. It is also known as the Feast of Lots.

When one has the perfect costume and wants to party, but does not have any money to go to Cologne, no worries, it is Purim at the Badehaus. The one and only queen of fringe Nana Schewiz will open up the night with a onetime Purim show. The Dirty Honkers will funk it up with live electro swing, followed by glam and fame at the costume contest with the fabulous Queen Esther. And of course a sensational line-up, that will leave no Tuches unshaked.

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Jazz, Elektronika, Blues, Swing, Electro-swing
Nemecko, USA
Performácia, Show, Kabaret, Design, Performance Design, Drag, Drag Queen Show


Dirty Honkers  Ginger Bread Man  Dirty Honkers – Ginger Bread Man 3:46 49 ×
Dirty Honkers  Gingerbread Man  Dirty Honkers – Gingerbread Man 4:11 20 ×
Nana Schewitz  Miss Kotti 2018 Performance  Nana Schewitz – Miss Kotti 2018 Performance 4:37 1 ×



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