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Tamdem: Max Vaahs + Nicola Kazimir + Maxim Brezhnev Praha, Máj 4. patro so 30. 7. 2016 12:00 Tamdem: Max Vaahs + Nicola Kazimir + Maxim Brezhnev


Nicola Kazimir  Clementinejam  Nicola Kazimir – Clementinejam 7:51 11 ×
Nicola Kazimir  Planetfree  Nicola Kazimir – Planetfree 6:26 7 ×
Nicola Kazimir  Space234  Nicola Kazimir – Space234 7:15 1 ×
Nicola Kazimir  Prima Materia  Nicola Kazimir – Prima Materia 6:36 1 ×
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Nicola Kazimir is a part of the collective Les Points based in Zürich, Switzerland. His music draws from 90’s rave utopias, decentralized and dividual thought, institutional critique, occultism, progressive and accessible frameworks as showcased at their offspace Mikro. His recordlabels Les Points and the newly founded Gentrified Underground appropriate those ideas and transfer them to the distribution channels of electronic music.


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