Mystic Prophecy

Metal, Heavy, Speed, Power Nemecko
S Mystic Prophecy


Mystic Prophecy  Paranoid  Mystic Prophecy – Paranoid 5:28 18 ×
Mystic Prophecy  Satanic Curses  Mystic Prophecy – Satanic Curses 3:42 14 ×
Mystic Prophecy  Eyes Of The Devil  Mystic Prophecy – Eyes Of The Devil 5:17 10 ×
Mystic Prophecy  To The Devil I Pray  Mystic Prophecy – To The Devil I Pray 4:13 1 ×
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Info o umelcovi Mystic Prophecy

Mystic Prophecy is a German power metal band, playing since 2000. The band was first described as an American power metal, similar to Iced Earth (mainly due to the use of riffs and drums), but still ranks among the European power metal. Lyrics of their songs deal with hell and revenge. – Translated by Automatic service

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