The Post and Telecommunication Museum in Wroclaw

The Post and Telecommunication Museum in Wroclaw

Adresa ul. Z. Krasińskiego 1, Wrocław
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The Post and Telecommunication Museum in Wroclaw is the only museum in Poland gathering and protecting historical monuments which form the evidence of the postal activities on the Polish lands, including the Polish Post Office founded by King Zygmunt August in 1558. The museum, established in 1921 in Warsaw, has been located in a historic building of the Main Post Office in Wroclaw since 1956. The museum collections are stored in the following departments: the Postal, the Philatelic, the Telecommunication and the Archive. In the Library there are the Polish and the foreign literature in the field of philately, post and telecommunication, Polish and foreign magazines and technical catalogues, and also old prints and manuscripts. Philatelic, historical and artistic profile exhibitions – presented in the country and abroad – have won awards and distinctions, including the Competition for the national Museum Event of the Year. The museum has its own publishings, which include catalogues of collections and exhibitions, guides and reference books, bibliographies, historical monographs and the museum annual. The shows of stagecoaches and postman’s costumes are the attractions of many outdoor events taking place in different regions of Poland. Art competitions and quizzes are organized for school children. The museum belongs to the International Association of Transport Museums (IATM).


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