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Science Center Spectrum

Adresa Möckernstraße 26, Berlin
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The Science Center Spektrum is the hands-on-museum of Deutsches Technikmuseum. It is situated in the East of its site at Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The Science Center that was founded in 1983 is the oldest of its kind in Germany and has its home in the former administration building of the Anhalter Bahnhof, which was built in 1874.

Visitors are introduced to general natural scientific contexts, scientific backgrounds and technical functional principles at more than 150 experimenting stations on 1400 square meters exhibition space. The visitors can experiment independently and lean about phenomenons and experiments in a playful way, the natural scientific contents are conveyed entertainingly and enjoyably. Therefore, Science Center Spektrum also serves an important social educational mandate.

In August 2013, the museum re-opened after a comprehensive renovation and completed by a new subject area.


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Deutsches Technikmuseum


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