Můj romantický příběh

Adresa Zenklova 34, Praha 8
Štítky Komédia
Vstupné 230–320 Kč
Web miesta www.podpalmovkou.cz
Dĺžka 140 min
Réžia Tomáš Svoboda
Premiéra 23. 1. 2014
Autor D. C. Jackson

Hrajú: Jan Konečný, Barbora Valentová, Ivana Wojtylová, Jan Vlas, Radek Valenta, Petra Horváthová

A modern comedy about the search for love.

The funny, tremendous and ultimately useless story of thirty-one-year-old Tom and his colleague Amy, who come together in an unlucky relationship bound by misunderstandings, their emotional experiences from the past, and a shared reluctance or inability to be alone.

My Romantic Story is the theatrical confession of a generation that lives alone, without families, without children, and without partners; an analysis of this phenomenon, and the lives of so-called singles. It not only offers laughter and emotion, but a thoughtful critique of this generation and the questions young singles asking: how do you find a girl when you think you’re a total loser? How are you supposed to feel when you’re a thirty-three-year-old woman and all your friends have gotten married long before you? How do you get the opposite sex into your bed – and out of it the next day? What is the best method for avoiding commitment?

How do you through life without anything ever really touching you?

Is that what you really want?

Performance 18 and up.



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