Mor Karbasi

Adresa ul. Purkyniego 1, Wrocław
Vstupné PLN 60–120

Mor music is wandering along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. A journey in the footsteps of the Sephardic Jews, in the fifteenth century expelled from Iberia, who returned to their homeland by Morocco and the Balkans. Hence, Mor usually sings in their language, ladino. Old Sikhs, with strong Hebrew influences. Her music, however, is not a musical open-air museum with the eternal songs of pilgrims. Mor, fascinated by the Mediterranean culture, draws in his own compositions a wide flamenco gesture, fado, of Arabic tradition. It is a wide-eyed look at the colorful melting pot of cultures that is today, after centuries of historical turmoil, the Iberian Peninsula.

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Mor Karbasi  Shecharhoret  Mor Karbasi – Shecharhoret 6:29 0 ×
Mor Karbasi  La Pluma  Mor Karbasi – La Pluma 6:12 1 ×
Mor Karbasi  Un Beso de Vida  Mor Karbasi – Un Beso de Vida 4:06 1 ×
Mor Karbasi  Rosa  Mor Karbasi – Rosa 4:26 1 ×
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