Mittwoch: Mr. Ties + Deniz Arslan

Adresa Falckensteinstr. 49, Berlin
Štítky House, Elektronika, Disco, Techno, Deep House

Mr. Ties is one of the few DJs that have been able to build a carreer in the past years, not depending on what he has released where and who with, but simply because he is a good DJ, who stands out in many aspects. With Mr. Ties it is not just about House and Techno from a certain time or drawer, but about everything, that has formed the modern club culture. Local support will be provided by Deniz Arslan. There will be deep house, garage, techno, old school and a wild mix, that will make sense in the end.

Vystupujúci umelci

House, Elektronika, Disco, Deep House


Mr.Ties  DJ Set  Mr.Ties – DJ Set 5:34 1 ×
Mr.Ties  DJ Set  Mr.Ties – DJ Set 11:40 0 ×
Deniz Arslan  Live Set At Shades Of House, Farbfernseher Berlin  Deniz Arslan - Live Set At Shades Of House, Farbfernseher Berlin 2:08:55 1 ×
Deniz Arslan  Wohnzimmer Sessions #24  Deniz Arslan - Wohnzimmer Sessions #24 2:10:35 1 ×



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