Mistral Café

Mistral Café

Adresa Valentinská 11, Praha
Webová stránka www.mistralcafe.cz
Telefón +420 222 317 737

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At the historical centre of Prague, city of education and art – there is a special place with a unique atmosphere. Small flower-pots with herbs, placed on each table, support the atmosphere of sitting in a garden behind an old house wall. We created a simple, first-rate, efficient and comfortable interior with the fine atmosphere. A light and airy narrow space leads you into a back cozy room with beautiful views to the green and calm yard. There is a wide range of materials, but the dominant one is bleached birch plywood with smooth texture. Paint on the walls was scraped off and a rough cast was revealed. On the floor there is only a dark concrete skim. The stair handrail, equalizing stairs and the skirtboard are made of black raw steel.


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